Is Your Mattress Sabotaging Your Heath?

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Is Your Mattress Sabotaging Your Heath?

Let's Start With Sleep, Why Sleep Is Crucial To Your Health

Sleep is a versatile pillar of well-being, offering physical healing, stress management, memory consolidation, problem-solving, and improved motor skills. It's not just about the hours spent in slumber but the quality of that sleep.

During rest, our bodies recover, heal from illness, and cope with stress, while our minds consolidate memories, enhance cognitive function, and refine motor skills.

It's the holistic value of sleep that truly matters, ensuring both body and mind awaken refreshed and ready to face the day's challenges.

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

7 Tips For Improving Sleep Quality 

  1. Get some sun in the first hour of waking up for 10-30 minutes

  2. Reduce caffeine and nicotine consumption at least 8 hours before sleep

  3. Avoid alcohol completely if possible

  4. Maintain a regular bedtime/waketime

  5. Leave time to unwind and relax before bed

  6. Exercise regularly but not too close to bedtime

  7. Take a hot bath/shower before bed

How Mattresses Affect Your Sleep

  • They have the potential to induce or worsen back pain

  • They may impede the dissipation of heat

  • They may foster the proliferation of microbes and exacerbate your allergy symptoms

  • They may cause disturbances with their noise

Why You Mostly Need A Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are like the best of both worlds for your sleep.

They combine different mattress materials in their comfort layers, giving you the cozy comfort. Plus, they're built to last, so you can count on these friendly mattresses to be your bedtime companions for years to come.

How Polysleep Mattresses Help You Sleep Better

  • They are made with hypoallergenic & antimicrobial foam reducing the risk of allergens, preventing the growth of bacteria, mold, and odors.

  • They have an integrated support frame preventing sagging, extending mattress’s lifespan, and reducing the risk of roll-off.

  • They have zero motion transfer ensuring undisturbed sleep, fewer nighttime disturbances, and improved partner compatibility.

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